We love food. More than that, we love the narrative side of food. Biscuit Uprising tells the story of an iconic regional cuisine. We pay homage to classic southern biscuits, biscuit sandwiches and biscuits & gravy by following time-tested recipes using only the highest quality ingredients. This story is almost 20 years in the making. Read on to learn more about why we do what we do.


Our Pantry: Southern Kitchen Secrets

White Lily Flour

A Southern biscuit isn’t a Southern biscuit if it’s not made with White Lily flour.  Generations of southern bakers have passed down this “secret” family recipe. Milled entirely from soft red winter wheat, White Lily flour ensures our biscuits bake up textured, fluffy and full of flavor. 

Duke's Mayonnaise

Duke’s Mayonnaise was created in a small sandwich shop in Greenville, SC more than 100 years ago. Still made with the original recipe, containing more egg yolks than other mayonnaise products and no added sugar, Duke’s is the “secret” ingredient in our creamy pimento cheese spread.


Uniquely Southern and family-owned for more than 100 years, Cheerwine is the legendary tasting one-of-a-kind cherry soft drink from Salisbury, NC.  Pair a glass, poured from our fountains, with a Biscuit Uprising Chicken Sandwich and watch for an upcoming Cheerwine Cherry Biscuit Special.


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