Our story

We are Tim Hug and Brian Bailey, high school friends from Canton, Ohio.  Before launching Old Carolina Barbecue Company as a competition team in 2003 and then the first of ten brick and mortar restaurants three years later, we visited dozens, if not hundreds of barbecue shacks across the southern United States.  Years later we would take return road trips with our restaurant general managers showing them as many barbecue restaurants as we could in three and a half day spurts.  You would think the gluttony of hickory-smoked pork from as many as 14 different pitmasters was enough to fill our bellies, but we still needed to eat breakfast.


Southerners sure know how to start their day!  Fluffy, scrambled eggs.  Country ham and red-eye gravy.  Cheesy shrimp and grits.  And of course, those tender, flaky southern biscuits.  We’d eat them with whipped butter, honey butter, apple butter or salt ‘n pepper sugar butter.  We’d spread them with jellies, jams and marmalades.  Our favorite method to eat biscuits was smothered in a housemade sausage gravy.


In the last 16 years, we’ve opened several restaurant concepts inspired by our experiences with regional cuisines.  First there was Old Carolina, which garnered recognition as a Top Ten BBQ Chain in the USA in 2014. Then it was Baja Pizzafish, a funky little So-Cal surf shack featuring fish tacos and brick oven pizzas.  We learned how to slow-smoke hamburgers on our own and launched Smoke the Burger Joint, winning the top prize 5 years in a row at the National Hamburger Festival.  Our championship creations were were built around flavor profiles discovered across the USA, including The Texas Triple Jay, The Dirty Vegas, Gilroy (CA) Five Cheese Garlic, Virginia Beach Roasted Red Pepper and San Jose (CA) Bahn Mi.


Now is our time to introduce our family, friends and restaurant fanatics to the biscuits we first learned to love many years ago. In preparation for the launch of Biscuit Uprising, we’ve tried almost every “secret” recipe ever leaked on the internet.  We learned techniques that have been passed down through the generations.  And, we’ve had to import ingredients, like White Lily flour, made of the biscuit-bakers coveted soft red winter wheat.


We are thrilled that we continue to earn our living in the restaurant business because it fulfills our purpose to please. When you visit Biscuit Uprising, we hope you will enjoy the restaurant, the service and of course, the food. If you don’t see your favorite dish on the menu yet, keep watching or make a request. We continue testing new recipes on ourselves and the staff. As soon as we get it right, you’ll see a limited time special that we’ll test on you.


Thanks for checking us out.  Looking forward to serving you soon!

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